Today’s prompt:

Write a haiku about a thunderstorm

Please read the NaPoWriMo page for details on how the challenge works and how you can participate this month, no matter what your personal writing challenge is for the month of April. Please read How to Post During NaPoWriMo. Remember that work shared this month is shared in precisely that spirit: sharing, as opposed to critiquing.


49 thoughts on “NAPOWRIMO Day #26

  1. Unrelated to the prompt

    Maybe I deserve someone who stays
    Someone who can keep the promises we made
    Maybe I deserve someone who needs me
    Someone who will shine a light when it’s too dark to see
    So maybe I just deserve better
    Someone who won’t leave me this hurt
    But that’s not what I want-or need
    Which is why I’m planting this seed
    Hoping you’ll grow into a tree standing tall
    And come back to me after all

    1. Unrelated to the proooompt

      You’re the kind of person that
      Would hold my hair back when I’m throwing up
      Would hold me when I’m crying
      Would coo me back to sleep when I’ve had a nightmare
      But you’re also the kind of person that
      Gets themselves into trouble without considering others
      Breaks promises you swore you’d never break
      Leaves with unintentional lies
      You’re the kind of person I want forever and always
      But you’re also the kind of person I want to yell at
      Despite this, you’re still perfect to me
      Everyone makes mistakes

  2. ~Unrelated to the prompt~

    When asked why I remain loyal to you
    even though you’re a ghost to me now,
    I always seem to have the same response.
    I want to be able to answer the question
    “Where have your hands been?” with
    “To myself.” I want to be able to answer
    “Spilled onto these pages,” to the question
    “Where have your words been?” I remain loyal
    because if I were to give myself to another
    it’d feel like cheating. I’d feel that sickening dirt
    that comes with being unfaithful. I’d feel
    betrayal-towards myself and to you.
    And I refuse to accept that
    You probably aren’t returning the favor

    1. Great ending, Naomi! I love it! ‘Rising sun shines’ is probably my favorite line, so happy! Awesome!! ❤ 😀

  3. Okay, I am sorry, but I cannot do another haiku! I just can’t think of one. So down the unrelated to prompt path I go. This is new song from a novel, which I really need to insert. Called Eternity. I think it is terrible, but I criticize too much.
    We’ve been apart for two lifetimes,
    We have not seen each other in decades.
    Now it is the right time,
    I hope to say,
    That in my heart, I love you.
    And I wish to know if you love me too.
    I will gladly wait and Eternity,
    For you to come back
    To me.
    I will wait a thousand centuries,
    A million lifetimes,
    To have this chance,
    The right time,
    With each passing glance,
    I love you even more.
    We can’t keep living next door
    To love.
    An eternity it has been to me,
    Waiting once more for us to be,
    Forever and it’s more.
    An eternity will still not keep me away,
    Because I know and hope that some day,
    We will be together,
    Forever and it’s more,
    For an eternity,
    Will work for me,
    If I must wait it out alone,
    You must know how lonely I have grown,
    An eternity I’ll wait,
    To see you again,
    For just a day.
    For forever and it’s more,
    My eternity consumes my love please help me set it free,
    I want to be together again,
    Just you and me,
    We will never end,
    And then together forever we’ll be,
    And together during another eternity.
    I can picture it,
    We can do it,
    My darling,
    An eternity will go by,
    But then the next we’ll see each other,
    And I will say I love you,
    And you will tell me you love me too.
    Our Eternity.

  4. Unrelated to the prompt
    Today I fall
    Reaching for your hand
    I’m begging you to catch me
    I’m crawling in my skin
    Reaching out for you
    Do you see me anymore?
    Today I fall
    Shattering, all alone
    I’m begging you to see me
    Make me feel like more
    I’m crying in my dreams
    Are you listening anymore?
    Today I fall
    Searching for love
    I’m trusting you
    Will you save me?

      1. Thank you lol …. it looks like I was being sarcastic…but actually I tried to put multiple hearts on it and they didn’t show up *eye roll* ❤ here they are lol ❤

    1. Wow, this is tragic and beautiful and over all just heart wrenching, like seriously, my heart felt like someone was twisting it. Its so beautiful and so deep and I hope you find that someone who will catch you I know you will!!! 🙂

  5. Darkness dives in sound,
    A loud rumble that pierces,
    The dark clouds, a burning light.
    Just trying to contribute, hope ya’ll like it 🙂 Thanks for reading ❤

    1. This is awesome Isabella!!! I love the description you created out of just a haiku!! Amazing job!!! 😀

  6. Oh, Alexa; If you want to create a blog for writing or basically anything you just go to This should bring you to a website, if you look on the top left of the website there’s this rectangle that says “My Site” Click on that and it should lead you to a page that says “You don’t have any WordPress sites yet.” Then you just click the create button and get started designing your page 😀 I hope this is what you were wondering, If you were looking for something in particular about creating a blog I’d be happy to help 🙂

    1. it is and it helps a lot, but my problem is I have to use my flvs email and i have not received the confirmation yet.

  7. Black rumbling rolling in from the east
    Lightning, wind, and hail at the least
    No power for hours, all from the sickening thunderstorm’s roar.

    I rarely do Haikus, so its not great, tell me what you think!!! 🙂

    1. Wow, Gabby! That is amazing!! Haikus aren’t my thing, syllable-strict poems…no! I love it, super vivid descriptions! ❤ 🙂

      1. Thank you so much!! And think you for your super amazing poem that you dedicate to me, that means a lot!!! 🙂

      2. You’re welcome!! And, that made my heart warm!! I’d love to go to your farm one day, the stories you write about it make it seem so interesting, I’ve never actually been around a cow, lol!

  8. Sooo, as I mentioned on Gabby’s poem, Haiku isn’t my style of poetry. I’ll write a free-verse, I feel I can write those way better. 🙂 Here goes!
    The rumbling clouds,
    Come along, sharing a spout.
    The lighting crashes,
    The world flashes.
    It feels so deep,
    As you’re trying to sleep.
    The trees flutter,
    As if they were going to stutter.
    The gray-velvet clouds
    Form a giant mound.
    The wind sings a song
    Of terror, come on!
    The storm won’t let up,
    Now…the rain’s on it’s tuft.
    Impossible to sleep,
    When a storm’s so deep.
    Not a speck of blue,
    In this velvet,violent hue.
    Soon I hope, the storm
    Will slow.
    But that day seems so far…
    Like a star.
    I hope you guys enjoyed it! I’m glad the weather isn’t like that over here in Miami. 😀 What’s the weather like in other parts of Florida? (I’ve always liked to know the temperature, the wind speed…etc) 😉 I know, I know, it’s strange, haha. Still, I hope you guys liked it! ❤

    1. About an hour north of Tampa is nice. It never rains here though. It’s 78, and kinda humid (Close to 70%). Unfortunately, we get all the humidity and none of the rain, even though we’re so close to the water. Wind is 12mph….but it doesn’t feel like it lol. It’s a bit cloudy, but crazy bright.
      Lol, anyway, amazing poem. This prompt is funny because it’s my last name lol.

    2. This is SO AWESOME Sofia!!! Everything rhymes perfectly, especially the last sentence!!! This is amazing!!! In SWFL, Its always really crazy and intense since I live right on the gulf, so a lot of swfl gets bad hurricanes and strong winds, we had a couple of tornados in 2017, and wildfires have already started. Last year, the wildfires were crazy! There was one right up the road and the cops wouldn’t let us by, and my mom and grandma were home and the wouldn’t answer. It was too scary for my liking. 😦 But yeah, swfl’s weather is really bad, Irma devastated my town. We went 9 days without power after the storm, which wasn’t too bad but it was really miserable eating canned food and gross things. 😦 How was the hurricane for you and your family? 🙂

  9. Unrelated to the prompt

    Memories so scarce.
    Distant bubbles of past times.
    Disappear like air.

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