Match by Bridget B.

In this world, we have failed.
Tied fabric around our eyes, we followed our hearts.
Made footsteps to wherever it sailed.
There were better things; we had a taste for finer arts.
Told to go back, acting like maniacs; we wanted our knickknacks And award plaques, but while searching for everything we only got kickback.
I could light a flame watch it burn, let it burn.
I could let it go, watch it go and go.
Feel the fabric burn, but it’s not going to hurt.
It tied me to the boat but I’m walking back to shore.
I could light a match watch it burn and burn.
I could let it go and go and go.
I could set my heart on fire but it would hurt.
It already led me here where I do not want to be.
So I could let it burn and burn.
Bury it in fire; let it go and burn.
It won’t hurt us anymore its gone.


4 thoughts on “Match by Bridget B.

  1. This is beautiful Bridget, just wow, you have an amazing skill for writing and this is just, woah. Really beautiful poem!!! 🙂 ❤

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