Flawless by Sofia C

Flawless, such an intricate word,

We all hope for to be in this world.

Hey, but here’s the catch;

Are you sure you want to be perfect?

What happened to the times you were baking a cake,

And the dough crumbled, but it tasted good, anyway?

What happened to the fun times being

Taught how to knit, laughing your days away,

Crocheting with family?

Perfect is what we all hope for, but think about it right,

There’s no erasing, only writing straight.

We’re all in this blithe, and I hope this opened a path,

Being perfect isn’t what matters.

You and your wonderous mistakes, You and your fantastic fails.

We can’t be flawless, no matter how hard we try.

Why not face that, and enjoy your flaws?

Embrace them, they are what make you; you.

People who seem to be flawless aren’t fun to be around,

They don’t have that fun spot where you can annoy them to the brink.

So, hang on tight, while your flaws guide the way,

And love your flaws, trust me, it’s a better way.


5 thoughts on “Flawless by Sofia C

  1. This is beautiful Sofia. Ive always struggled with my look, and I was bullied for it. Luckily it was a long time ago and my parents started homeschooling me before it got too bad, but it was all because of how I looked. This is so beautiful and its so nice to hear that others in the world are still kind hearted and don’t care about the outward appearance. ❤ This is really beautiful, so inspiring. 🙂 ❤

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