Today’s prompt:

Create a poem describing your favorite smell.

Please read the NaPoWriMo page for details on how the challenge works and how you can participate this month, no matter what your personal writing challenge is for the month of April. Please read How to Post During NaPoWriMo. Remember that work shared this month is shared in precisely that spirit: sharing, as opposed to critiquing.


31 thoughts on “NAPOWRIMO Day #28

  1. The wind blows
    as waves roll.
    Salt drifts
    a beach’s gift.
    Sand in my toes,
    Sea mist on my clothes
    A good book in hand
    New pages tan.
    Crackling of the spine
    Sweet smell of the glue that binds.
    Mysteries untold,
    the stories unfold
    As I drift into a daze
    under the ocean’s haze.

    1. I love this Naomi! I just pictured Sanibel beach, which is beautiful! I love the smell of salt water and fish, this is just so amazing, it completely painted a whole picture in my mind!!! Awesome job!!! 🙂

  2. Extremely unrelated to the prompt.
    A young girl sat in the corner of the room. Her auburn hair blackened from the lighting.
    Dried tears stained her cheeks. Her hazel eyes glistened. The girl shivered from cold, shock and fear.
    One image filled her mind. Her parents dead, soldiers in black snatching her and her siblings away.
    The screams still filled her ear canals, the look of horror on her twin brother and sister flashed each time she blinked.
    She had witnessed what no other six-year-old should have witnessed. Her family survived the Sunflares, escaped from the infected. Yet they couldn’t survive one night in safety.
    The youngest of the triplets, yet the strongest, she had fought for her siblings’ freedom. Begging that they be left alone.
    Now separated, she sat alone. her back pressed against the cold silver wall.
    The young girl is older. Her auburn hair has been cut short. A black tattoo runs down her tan neck. She is still haunted by the memories of the past. But they fuel the hatred that burns through her.
    Her knuckles crack as she throws a punch at a black punching bag.
    So much has changed.
    Her name, she hated what was given to her.
    Who she calls mother, she hated the woman. Ava Paige, The Chancellor.
    Her health, she had to be given daily shots.
    And most of all her freedom, she was forever trapped in an experiment. Forever a subject.
    Her breathing labored she ran a hand down her branded neck.
    Group A. Subject A10. The words sickened her. A subject forced to do what WICKED wanted.
    Angered she threw a final punch, the sound echoing off the concrete walls.
    “Emin, time for your shot.”
    With a growl Emin turned, fire flashing in her eyes.
    So, I know this isn’t a poem but, I thought since it’s been a while since I’ve posted a maze runner piece, I would write one today.
    This is a bit of a backstory to Emin and a prequal to everything I’ve written regarding The Maze Runner. 😊

    1. YES!!! Another Maze runner piece!!!! I love it Naomi!!! You could literally e an author of the book series, which I still haven’t finished!! I cant wait to read more! This is so amazing, thank you so much for adding another one of these! 🙂

  3. Fresh paper in the morning,
    A pencil or pen scratching and alluring,
    Me with the sounds,
    And the words that bound
    Across the page,
    Nothing even age,
    Can change how I feel,
    This is just so real
    To me,
    Can’t this be a wonderful sound, and sight and smell!
    I am doing so well, this morning,
    Writing and the fresh scent of paper just compressed,
    Can’t be guessed,
    But felt, and seen and heard,
    Nothing like a bird’s
    Wings, beating in the air,
    Flying everywhere,
    But the words on the page set me free,
    To be who I want to be.
    The words taking me away,
    To another day.

  4. Hi guys, this is my first time posting on the blog! I hope you like this poem as well as anything else I upload:)


    “Vanilla and Lavender”

    Bitter to the taste unless mixed with other ingredients,
    the smell of this reminds me of my grandmothers baking.
    Of throwing measuring cups away because she knew
    that the only way to make something taste good was just to guess.
    Of now being frustrated that she threw most of her measuring cups away
    because I was never taught to bake like this,
    and I didn’t take the time that I should have trying to learn from her.
    This flower is of the same color family that my mother loves and deems her favorite.
    It reminds me of her every time I smell it,
    though I can never touch it because allergies are a funny thing.
    It gives me an unrelenting feeling of nostalgia:
    of when Maine seemed like home and dirt paths marked my way there.
    Of when things seemed complete and well with the world – and my parents.
    Mixing these two scents together brings a wave crashing down
    on me with memories I had once thought that I forgot.
    I want to smother my pillow and all of my clothes in these fragrances
    because, truth is,
    these scents
    make me feel

  5. Crunchy, yet so simple.
    No pest bone to hold me back.
    I’m sorry chickens.


    Stupid haiku about my love of chicken tenders. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  6. Mint
    Oh how I love it!!!
    Everyone is sick
    Of me saying this
    But think of the benefits
    Of a little plant
    That smells so good
    Just like it should
    Christmas trees
    Flowers and bees
    This smell lasts all year
    It helps with depression and fear
    I love mint
    Its just perfect
    So beautiful
    So sweet and cool
    I love this herb
    And the sweet
    Strong smell
    That I know oh so well

    Wow, this isn’t good at all!! Please correct me if I’m wrong! 😉 Also, mint is very good for you, probably not the candy and stuff, but the leaves! The essential oils help with so much, your skin, depression, stress and so much more, just google it. I have may mint plants, and I love them all! The actual leaf is good to prevent cancer, diseases, and it helps with as and digestive tract issues, it also calms upset stomachs. Wow, this sounds like one o hose health shows on PBS which my mom watches all the time, sorry to make you read all that! 😛

  7. Unrelated to the prompt

    I know not where I belong
    But where I want to be
    And that, is in the arms
    Of someone I gave my all to
    Forever and always

    Sometimes I wonder
    If this emotional plunder
    The want to be dead
    Is all in my head
    If the self-hatred I feel
    Isn’t actually real
    But just my mind
    Wanting to cry
    And needing a reason to

  8. It’s like a recipe
    For something you just can’t eat
    A splash of warm vanilla, maybe
    A slight tinge of meat,
    A dash of salt,
    Half cup of summer,
    Plus a bit of burning butter,
    A splash of melting sugar,
    A little hint of winter,
    Essence of November,
    A bit of September,
    And three fourths a cup of anything sweet.
    A pinch of burning leaves,
    And a pinch of the sun,
    An eighth cup of wet dog
    Plus a bit of fun.

    Bake in a preheated oven,
    Sitting at an eighty degree evening.
    Us eating watermelon, my parents drinking their alcohol…

    The two-thirds cup of love is optional.

  9. If I could describe my favorite scent, what would it be?
    The smell of new books and baked goods.
    Bread baking in the oven and soft butter slowly melting into a slice.
    Fresh fruit. Strawberries, blueberries…the burst of sweetness as I bite in.
    Freshly brewed coffee. It is bittersweet.
    Or a scent I can’t remember but it brings back a memory that I can.
    That special scent of Christmas that seems to come along with the season.
    And a fire burning. Its warmth is comforting.

  10. My hand ruffles your hair
    Leaving your scent flying everywhere
    A bit of pine mixed with spice
    I’m left utterly enticed
    That was way shorter than I intended.

    1. This is super cute 😀 I love it!! Sometimes short and simple leaves the best impression 🙂 I know it sounds strange but, like… does anyone else feel like everyone has a certain smell? I don’t know… I just feel like you can tell a lot about a person by how they smell… ya know? Like too much cologne, too much perfume, too much B.O. Or the really good smells like the smells of certain family members or cars or random stuff… Yeah… that sounds super weird… I’m just gonna stop there :b
      (I love your screen-name btw…. basically describes me)

      1. It doesn’t sound weiiirrdddddd lol. I totally get what you’re saying. And thank youuuuuuu, about both the poem and the name, I don’t know why it randomly changed from my real name lol, but somehow my username for my blog started popping up 😛

  11. I’m just gonna get to my own poem now…
    The hug of someone dear,
    Someone you love,
    Someone often not here,
    The smell of their hug.

    The smells of the world,
    The places you travel,
    Are often swirled,
    As the smells unravel.

    They entice,
    With a certain spice,
    You’ve visited now, trice,
    Yet you can’t pin the smell of paradise.
    Hope you liked it 🙂 Just sort of went with it tried to rhyme along the way… yeah… ❤

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