It’s the last day! How’s it going?
Today’s prompt:

Flip to the ending of your favorite book, and use the last line as the first line of your poem.

Please read the NaPoWriMo page for details on how the challenge works and how you can participate this month, no matter what your personal writing challenge is for the month of April. Please read How to Post During NaPoWriMo. Remember that work shared this month is shared in precisely that spirit: sharing, as opposed to critiquing.


36 thoughts on “NAPOWRIMO Day #30

  1. I didn’t use my favorite book, but I used the first book on my shelf; Gone by Lisa McMann

    The voice was his
    Whispering to me in the wind
    Screaming for me in the dark
    His voice-strained and broken
    Beaten down to nothing
    As he called, begged for my help
    I could hear him-faintly
    Like a butterfly’s wings
    Flapping the syllables of my name
    I knew it was him
    And to this day I wonder
    Why I let him fall

    1. Marysa oh my gosh. this was incredible! One of the most beautifully written poems I’ve ever ever read on this blog. Well done

    2. Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I LOVE THAT BOOK….seriously Cabel is like ❤ …ugh. Love that book lol…Amazing poem btw, I love it and hate it at the same time, in a good way, if that makes sense.

  2. This is unrelated to the prompt, but based off something that happened to me in real life.
    So there I am
    Crying on the cold, hard floor
    My heart was broken
    I felt betrayed
    I’ve never felt so hurt
    About something like this
    But the struggle is real
    I suppose
    I should accept the fact
    That my traitorous sister
    Ate the last gosh-diddly-darn cupcake

  3. I used Fahrenheit 451 for this poem.

    When we reach the city
    Daybreak will come
    The night will fall like matchsticks
    Lighting up incidentally
    Bringing up the blazing sun
    Shining, with a promise of a bright tomorrow,
    The rays trying to reach through time
    To diminish our worries
    We’ve seen light thousands of times
    And we all know
    If we look up high enough,
    We’ll see a bright tomorrow,
    And the night will light with fireflies
    And set our worries ablaze.
    We’ll be merry,
    All will be right,
    The world will fire up with light,
    When we reach the city.

  4. *Not quite the last line of the book but the last line of the second to last chapter so it counts. 😂*

    Her heart was a river
    that carried her out to sea.
    Her smile was a light
    that made her shine like the sun.
    For she was beautiful
    but not like you would expect.
    She was like the beauty
    of the earth that surrounded us.
    Not like anything we’ve seen before
    where her imperfections made her
    who she was meant to be and pure.

  5. Every chapter is better than the one before
    Pages glowing from your phone’s light
    You keep reading till your eyes are sour
    Flipping the pages deep into the night
    Ignoring the sleep that tugs at you
    Your eyes start to blur
    Just one more page – or two
    The words start to slur
    With great effort you close the book
    Placing a bookmark between the pages
    Arms heavy, you place it in its nook
    Eyelids heavy, you picture the characters faces
    I used The Chronicles of Narnia: The Last Battle.
    I can’t believe NaPoWriMo is over! 😦
    I’ve really enjoyed all of the prompts and reading everyone’s poems! 🙂

  6. Keep fighting
    She tells me
    She believes
    In me
    Keep fighting
    She screams
    She needs me
    Keep fighting
    I can’t breathe
    I can’t fight
    I can’t win
    I can’t
    Keep fighting
    I can’t live
    I can’t…this
    It’s too hard
    It’s not me
    I can’t
    Keep fighting
    She stays
    Even though
    I can’t
    She loves
    Even though
    I won’t
    She believes
    Even though
    She knows
    I can’t

    So my favorite book is by R.H. Sin and it’s called A Beautiful Composition of Broken…It’s a book of amazing impowering poems and his last line is “Keep fighting”. Anywhoodle, this is what I wrote. I hope y’all like it.

  7. And my dreams felt as real as a memory.
    How she deceived me cleverly.
    It wasn’t real right?
    It was like she was in all white.

    How i remember it so vividly.
    Now a deceased person back to life doesn’t happen typically.
    I could have been killed.
    Oh how i am so chilled.

    Now, she tried to murder me that night.
    But no one will believe my fright.
    She almost slit my neck it had seem.
    But what if it was all a dream?

    I do not really like this that much but i’m posting it anyway!


  8. Day was begun
    Morning dew and peaceful hues
    Sounds of cheerful chirping
    Though my heart grows heavy at the thought of working
    Never mind that, beauty only here!
    Push that aside, optimists don’t fear!
    Resting, thinking, too warm in my sheet
    Just a bit longer, let me sleep, motivating myself is no easy feat
    I tell myself, ‘this is where joy resides,’
    ‘You’ll go far if you try hard,’ My mind chides
    ‘Get through the day’
    ‘So tomorrow you won’t pay.’
    My heart is heavy, though my eyelids are not
    A fight for motivation, I think it’s been well fought

    The first line was from my favorite book, Fever 1793 by Laure Halse Anderson. And as for the poem, I haven’t been very active in national poetry month, cuz as I’ve said in the past, It’s not really my forte. XD
    But when I do get down to poetry, I really like pouring my heart and soul into it, and that’s what I’ve done here. The last line of the book was, day was begun, and I thought that I should make a poem with what goes through my head often in the mornings. (as weirdly depressing yet optimistic as it is XD)
    Anyway, there it is! Hope it’s been a good national poetry month for ya’ll!

  9. And the world is full of stories, but the stories are all one.
    When we see them as worthless
    As little to none
    We struggle to view purpose
    In all of the things we’ve done
    We are far from hurtless
    And we can’t find the sun

    Our hearts are aligned
    We can intertwine fingers
    We all share one mind
    A smell that lingers
    To the generations assigned
    A group of truthful singers

    We should look to care
    And glimpse into our souls
    Take a breath of fresh air
    And find our place and our roles
    To shake off the burdens we bear
    And review our tolls.

  10. I take his hand, holding on tightly preparing for the cameras and dreading the moment when I will finally have to let go.
    Did this have to end, did Napo really have to go?
    It taught me skills
    Gave me feels
    Helped me breathe
    And let my self be relived
    Of this tress and pain in life
    Feeling myself be happy and loose this fight
    Ive gotten closer to those
    Who I have barely even known
    I’m so happy I did this challenge
    Its helped my poetry skills blossom
    And become better
    I learned new words and endeavors
    Thank you for giving us this to do
    Mrs. Emery, I thank you
    I love this challenge so much
    Now onto the next one!!!

    After my whole month of poetry, I thought I could do better than this, but, its still okay! Tell me what you think! 😀
    Also, Napo when great for me! I completed my challenge 30 days, and I had a blast the whole entire time! 🙂 ❤

  11. She was going home,
    After all she had been through,
    All the time alone,
    All of the days away from you.

    She was going home,
    She couldn’t hold in her glee,
    She trekked a familiar biome,
    Recognizing every tree.

    She was going home,
    The quest was long,
    She could do it alone,
    Determination kept her strong.

    She was going home,
    It was a common belief,
    She would make it home,
    And be with both you and me,

    She was going home,
    She’ll make it, you’ll see,
    Never again alone,
    Back to her family.
    Hope you like it, feel free to leave feedback or comments ❤ Just wanted to contribute to the prompt 😀

  12. Unrelated to the prompt

    Tattered and torn
    Shattered and worn
    Old star spangled banner
    Lies in such a manner
    That feels disrespectful
    Why are we so forgetful
    About what this flag means
    While it rips at the seams
    Once proudly displayed
    Now on the ground it lays
    As we all forget
    What it really represents
    We all took a pledge
    With our hands on our chests
    But still we forget
    What that flag once did represent

  13. This is for Alexa W you currently is having issues getting onto CWC. 🙂

    There are worse games to play. (The hunger games.)
    Yet there are worse times of day.
    To speak the truth
    One must move
    To their times
    And make out their rhymes,
    Of laughter and sorrow.
    To cry
    But not yet die.
    It is a new day,
    A safe time to play.
    A danger may always lurk,
    Yet in yourself, trust your own quirk.
    You are defined by everything,
    And you stand away and fear nothing.
    With each passing day,
    You learn to keep your fears at bay.
    And rejoice now, that the dark days have are in the past.
    Come now, and join the blast.

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