Jack In The Box by Eshanie WH

Sighing heavily, I make my way inside the crowded mall, trying my best to duck and weave through the inattentive people blocking my path. Great job me! you just had to wait until the busiest hour of the day to get your Halloween shopping done. Glancing ahead of me, I try to navigate the “Spoopy Skellys” store, failing to notice a woman almost charging towards me. “Sir? Sir?! In the purple dress!” I jump, startled, as a very plainly dressed woman halts in front of me, panting. I couldn’t even get a proper look at her as she so unceremoniously shoves a large box into my arms. She smiled, whizzing past me as she yelled out “Happy Halloween!”

I’ve never been more confused in my life. I shook my head and started to walk out of the mall when the box started rustling! I put the box down just as a brown…thing poked its head out. It jumped out of the box.

My eyes widened as a cute Yorkie jumped out of box, yapping as it jumped on my legs, wagging its cute little tail.

“Aww, why would anyone want give you up, little one?” I picked up the sweet baby, checking to see what gender it was. “I guess one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, huh baby girl?”

She barked softly before attacking my face with kisses. I chuckled and started to walk in the direction of the nearest pet store. “I wonder what I should name you?” I contemplated for a moment.

I smiled softly as I decided on the perfect name. “I’ll name you Jack! He was my ex, but I’m sure he won’t mind me naming you after him.” I smirked as the pup licked me happily. I could get used to this.


6 thoughts on “Jack In The Box by Eshanie WH

  1. Awww that was so short and sweet! You did a great job describing the puppy! I wish something like that would happen to me XDD

  2. This is so cute and so sweet and I just love it so much Eshanie, you did an amazing job!!! 😀

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