Love Me by Alyssa H

This phrase keeps frequenting my life,

“Love me like there’s no tomorrow”,

I’m tired of hearing it, stop being so pessimistic Stop filling your head with anger and sadness Think about the moments we have to enjoy this Don’t think that tomorrow it all could end Don’t think that tomorrow you’d find a new friend Don’t tell me you think tomorrow can change We’ll still be here and you should love me the same Stop being so dark, brooding and strange I love you as yourself, not as this empty cage Quit being so empty, so tired of change, Stop thinking of tomorrow, it’s okay to forget those things Please don’t tell me you’ll love me, “like there’s no tomorrow”, I want to believe we’ll have each other for forever, I want to believe there won’t ever be a pause in the ticking of our clocks I want to believe you and me are forever meant to be I want you to love me like I am your tomorrow Love me like I’m the air that can make you breathe Love me like I’m the noise that can make you sing Love me like I’m all you’ve ever needed Love me like I’m your tomorrow and everything else Love me like this is it, and you’ll never love anyone else


14 thoughts on “Love Me by Alyssa H

    1. Thannkkkkk youuuu. I’m not completely sure what happened to the format, it’s supposed to be a poem 😛

  1. This is beautiful Lys! You have such a talent for writing, you are just amazing. I love this Lys, you did amazing!!!! 😀 ❤

  2. I really, really, love this. It’s so emotional and heartfelt, it’s really amazing Allie. (Is it okay I call you Allie?) I truly love this poem!! ❤ 🙂

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