Why Do We Need It? By Gabrielle H.

Graduation requires volunteers
But what about my own fears?
School teaches I must help one another
But what about the warnings of my mother?
“There are many dangers”
But she also said “don’t talk to strangers”

They say it’s required
But I’m sheltered, what experience have I acquired?
They say volunteer work is assigned
But isn’t there a reason I do my schoolwork ONLINE?
I can’t communicate with others, I don’t speak publically, at school
I have OCD, people treat me like some mental fool!

Now another course asks me the same thing
But for me this is another sting
Another problem to stack
Another time to be looked and treated as a quack
But don’t they know, can’t they see;
It’s not the true me, it’s all my OCD?
Can’t they see
The “normal” person I’m trying to be?


6 thoughts on “Why Do We Need It? By Gabrielle H.

  1. Oh my, I’m so sorry it’s like this, Gabrielle! My mom works with kids with OCD and Asperger’s, and they’re just as friendly or even friendlier than people. ( I don’t mean to say that you are not normal, which you really are! You’re an awesome person and I’m happy to be in a club with you. 🙂 )
    OCD is just a little thing, no one should judge you for it. What matters is on the inside, not on the outside. And I bet, you’re a really amazing person inside. ❤
    Lovely poem!

  2. I loved the lines: “But isn’t there a reason I do my schoolwork ONLINE? I can’t communicate with others, I don’t speak publically, at school”
    I have trouble in social situations and get really anxious and nervous, so I can relate. I 100% understand your frustration 🙂 This poem is really well written and beautiful. Great job!!

  3. Gabrielle this is absolutely amazing. School… is a stress in life that i don’t understand how we deal with. There are so many things school teaches you, but not one of them are you going to use in your everyday life. If that wasn’t the point you were trying to get across then sorry XD But https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8xe6nLVXEC0 will take you too a song called “don’t stay in school” and will show you a lot of stuff i never knew.

  4. This is awesome Gabrielle! Are you home schooled? If so, I think that I can relate, I’m home schooled so I NEVER really talk or socialize with new people so that makes it hard for me especially since it’s sort of something you have to learn to survive in today’s society. I am really scared for volunteering but it’s required once you reach highschool so I have to get it done no matter how different or scary it seems 🙂 Trust me, soon it’ll all work out. Lovely poem, I completely relate:D

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