Member’s Choice Awards!

Vote for your favorites! Winners will be announced at our next meeting. You can read the pieces at the links below.


Sofia C.  Soulmates

Kasey P.  Aftermath

Alyssa H.  Hurricane of Insanity

Grace T.  A Fallen King



Crisit M.  Indiana

Ya’Mirah T.  2:05

Naomi A.  Will you be the Juliet to my Romeo?

Grace T.  Dance of the Eclipse



Mary-Kelly R.  Why reading is important to a writer

Grace R.  There’s Always Room For Improvement

Kaitlynn F.   What Makes a Writer

Mary-Kelly R.  Finding Poetry in Our Lives


7 thoughts on “Member’s Choice Awards!

  1. Me either Sofia! I’m sad I posted my poem too late to have maybe been picked 😦 I guess that’s what I get for missing out on so many meetings lately :b Congrats to everyone who got chosen!!! 😀

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