Lost and Found by Alyssa H

Her eyes were there

A puddled mess

But her soul was lost

Begging to be missed

My hands were there

A trembling wreck

But my heart was gone

Searching for a home

Her feet were there

An always ready escape

But her mind was muddled

Needing to be saved

You see, she and I

We were like the waves

We were in and out

Of our emotions

Like people walking in and out of caves

Excited when it starts

But then crumbling at the exit

Because the world is a scary place

And we have no choice

But to live in it

You see, she and I

We were like the sky

Bright in the morning

But by the time the night came

It was as though we had never smiled

Because we were so dark

The world thought us gone

You see, she and I

We’re a different kind

Built for tears

Broken hearts

And lost souls

Trapped behind words

That will never be ours to hold

You see, she and I

We’re both lost and found

Searching for ourselves

Even as we are held by each other

Even as the words breathed from our lips Say ‘yes, I am okay’

When in reality

What they mean to say

Is ‘I am full of heartbreak’

And ‘I am full of pain’

You see, in this world

We cannot say those things

Or think those things

We’re meant to be pretty girls

On a pedestal for other girls

To look at and be amazed

You see, she and I

Are both lost and found

In the hands of others

I cannot stand my ground

At the feet of the merciless

My heart is on the floor

A sunken treasure

But when I am beside her

My world comes to life

An ambition through the night

When all is dark

As my heart would be

If it were not for her

You see, with her I am found

With her I am whole

With her I am myself


8 thoughts on “Lost and Found by Alyssa H

  1. This was in NaPo, right? Although I saw it, I still love it! You are a true, amazing poet, Alyssa. You should be really proud of this piece!

  2. I love this Alyssa! Beautiful job, I love how descriptive it was, your poem was extremely expressive! Love it, you should be very proud 🙂 ❤

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