Music Comes Alive Once More by Eshanie WH

Seriously, Whataya Want From Me?

I know I’m a Girl On Fire

But Pretty Hurts

I’m afraid You Lost Me

To Ziggy Stardust

So I Don’t Really Care about you

So say Good Morning Heartache

It’s Time for you to go

It’s not my fault so many people Love Me

I might be a player, but I’m not a Penny Lover

I guess it’s in my DNA

But The Closer I Get To You

I say your name Like A Prayer

I’ve fallen in love with the Liberian Girl

I hope she’ll be my Last First Kiss

As we throw Glitter In The Air

I can’t help but think of Cover Girl,

You Make My Heart flutter

I’ve got Nothin’ But Love

For y’all



7 thoughts on “Music Comes Alive Once More by Eshanie WH

  1. Ooh, I was hoping for another one of these sometime soon!! Fantastic job Eshanie, it’s really, really, REALLY good!! ❤ 😀

  2. This reminds me of “Jean and Eddie” by the Stray Cats in which their lyrics were mentioning of other songs, and then they’d play a little of the song they just referenced oh so cleverly! And cleverly done in this poem too!

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