Beautiful Island by Shalymar P

There aloft the sea,

A great island floats

Among the curling waves,

Gaze at the small land,

There, beauty reached out

It’s finger tips and painted

A mural of everlasting


Walk with me,

Let me show you this new land,

Let me show its wonders,

Let me show you it’s peoples,

Then you will soon see why sailors

Called it the most beautiful land

Eyes ever laid upon,

Hold your gaze at the lighthouse atop

The rocks,

Watch the white petals of

The national flower sway,

Just like little butterflies they are,

Can you see the pastel buildings?

Softly in the distance you can

hear the people’s music,

isn’t it beautiful?

I ask you,

Don’t you see why,

Now, when you hold your eyes

To the peoples,

They’ll give you a smile,

For that’s how they are,

But search within their expressive

Eyes and

You’ll see that their tongues

Are in chains,

For how much they speak,

They are hushed,

By the ruling hand,

Look at how the ocean is

So calm,

Rolling in and out,

Atop the waves people try to

Escape the beautiful island,

Can’t you see?

We all look up at those same


But one wishes for freedom,

And the other takes it

For granted,

Can you see how the tyrant

Fortresses have pained these


They’ve been captured to many


Now I speak to its people,

A great nation stands before


How did they get there?


To stand upon its two

Legs and fight for it,

Now I speak to you,

What should the beautiful island do?

They should wave their flag

As a symbol of liberty,

Not a representation of

A chained nation,

Stand on that ground,

I shout for your freedom,

No matter what happens,

It’s for the ending

Of a capitalist regime,

Once acclaimed for its beauty,

Now where has it gone?

I don’t see beauty in


Even if there is a blue


I see a grey gloom in your


Now doesn’t the soft mariposa

Bloom with the rain?

Until then, I see a beautiful island

Lost to prosecution,

Can you see that?


3 thoughts on “Beautiful Island by Shalymar P

  1. Woah! This piece is so beautiful, so amazing, so just wow, I am speechless. This is amazing Shalymar!!! 🙂

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