Poem #25 by Bridget B

She was wearing a black dress.

He was crying in distress.

All they wanted was someone to caress.


Depression and pain had taken him away while she was mourning the world’s dismay.

Fate decided the puzzle pieces fit together and she introduced herself as Heather.

He looked into her eyes and saw himselfi

Wishing he could put his life on a shelf.

But instead everything was new

And his love would be  a breakthrough.


Her heart was broken by exterior words.

Misunderstood, she lost bird singing a broken song to a broken mirror pleading “Please let my emotions be clearer.”

He was told at a young age you’ll never be normal, instead he kept to his morals.

He lived his life in sadness; there was nothing he could do, but then God said “let her see you.”

Depression ruled them but the reign is over.

They worshipped the king and gave them a life luckier than a four leaf clover.


5 thoughts on “Poem #25 by Bridget B

  1. This is so amazing Bridget! I love how you interpreted God into this and based it around waiting for true love, so perfect and innocent and I just love the meaning behind this. It tells a story about something so sweet and pure and I just love this Bridget. Amazing job! 😀

  2. Oh my gosh, this is an absolutely wonderful and beautiful piece, Bridget! I love the story told and the way it was told and just everything. 💗

  3. This was so cute Bridget (sort of depressing, but cute)! I love the idea of these two people coming together through tough times and making one another happy 😀 I think that even for people who aren’t religious, this is still a very relatable and beautiful poem 🙂 I love all of the symbolism and meaning, amazing job 😀

  4. This is beautifully written, Bridget! I love how the poem itself told a compelling story in a way that was symbolic, amazing piece! ❤

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