Fading Softly by Shalymar P

A sunset has come by,

Washing the land with gold,

Beauty spreading His fingertips,

And touching up the soreness

of conflicts the day has left behind,

then it fades slowly,

like the sun I’m fading softly,

blending with the background I am,

letting time slip from my fingers,

letting it flash by me,

leaving my presence it is,

every second I lose another bit of life, another breath sighed, another beat of my heart passing  me, I’m fading softly, I am losing reality, Death slowly walks, Walking toward me without a rush, Its footsteps becoming more pronounce With every passing year, I’m letting time flash by me, I’m in a hurry, Enveloped in business, I gaze at those stars above, Every minute they twinkle, Shining they do, Every minute they come closer With the time their light will leave, I’m fading softly, I wish to grow old, And enjoy a life of fulfillment, But what am I supposed to do?

How am I to fulfil my life,

If I don’t know my purpose?

Destiny such an otherworldly subject,

It’s all planned for me in golden script, But what is it?

I can’t fathom what it may be,

I want to know before I go,

I am fading softly,

Watch how the ocean comes in curling waves, Leaving with life, I’m trying to push back, But I’m being pulled forward by the endearing future, As the moon does to the sea, What am I to do?

I’m fading softly,

The world runs by so fast,

Not enough it feels,

We always dream to grasp on life forever, But it will leave our clasp, A day I may fear, But I’ll live again, As human I was meant for eternity, I’m fading softly, Fate, oh please, fate, Come by now, Let me hold you in my palm, before I go, I don’t want to fade and not know, Clothed in silver and gold you are, I’m fading softly, Show yourself, I need to see what I am to do, I want to know my life purpose, The moon and stars won’t show me, The voice of thoughts won’t whisper who I am, I need my destiny, My life can’t be empty, I don’t like chance, Please give me my fate, The sun and the world has theirs, Life is dripping from me, I am fading softly, But I wish to have my fate first, Oh please, oh please, I’m fading softly.


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