by Gabrielle Hill

I wish to tell the tale of Roland

A man washed away with the sand

But without a reasonable doubt

He’s the one I want to talk about


He lives in 1918

For that time he’s awful clean

I don’t know why I thought this theme

But he was only in my dream


I think I like this man

I like a male pale, without a tan

I wish I knew where he was

I wish I knew what he does


For I only remember his face

And his voice

If only I had a choice


Where are you Roland?

Are you still here?

Are you the guy that God had planned?

Or is it only as I fear?


Maybe you’re in 2018

Still the man, nice and clean

Maybe it was a 100 years cause’ I’m old-fashioned

But if you’re not here I’ll be dispassioned


Maybe you’re just in my dreams

And life is just as it seems

Maybe you’re just with the sunbeams

And in the sand, washed by the streams


5 thoughts on “Roland

  1. This is so pretty Gabrielle! I love the rhythm and the way its spaced along with the wording. That man you described is so vivid, and I love how you referred back to the older days in reference to more of a present time. Great job! 🙂

  2. I’m so jealous! Everyone is making these amazing poems and I’m over here stuck on line one 😂. I hope to read more of these amazing poems soon!

  3. I really like this poem, Gabrielle. It is very descriptive. This kind of reminds me of a few poetic aspects with the structure you implement. I think it reminds me of Poe, but when I read this, I kept thinking to myself of this poem I’ve read… I wish I could remember it. Oh, well. Anyway, keep up the awesome work (as always!)

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