by Katie Watsky

Ever since I was little, I’ve had the same friend group. Noah, Juno, and Macie. It’s always been us four. Noah’s dad called us ‘The Gang.’ We stayed together from kindergarten to high school. That deserves a medal or something. In middle school I started dating Noah. It didn’t last long, but our friendship didn’t waver.

After high school, our friendship fell apart. No one was quite sure what they wanted to do and it was awkward. Noah left town without warning and didn’t come back for three months. He won’t tell anyone what happened.

For about a year, we all just became neighborly and didn’t hang out. No one really knew why, but we didn’t talk.

Eventually, Juno and Macie got a job at the same record store and we all started to connect again.

That was when we started realizing Noah was acting weird.

He wouldn’t talk to us, he’d be really secretive, and he would never bring up the three months he left town no matter how many times you asked him.

We knew something was up.


15 thoughts on “Untitled

      1. I was sort of thinking the same way about that when reading the sentence. I was not expecting that! Haha.

  1. First off, the title matches mine! So cool! (I love the fact that I’m not the only one who forgot a title)
    Anyhow, I find this very comforting. I’ve lost contact with several friends going into Middle School and High School.
    But the most important question: WHAT HAPPENS?!

  2. This the most beautiful thing. Is it just me, or does anyone have a feeling Noah may just be a murderer? Like, in my opinion, I think he went out for three months to kill someone. Okay, maybe I just think too much into this. Anyways, awesome job Katie!

  3. Ah, a cliff hanger. I like how this was done, and it leaves the reader to wonder what really happened. More so, it has one read the key details to make an assumption of what happened with Noah in the story. Nice work on this, and if you expand this into a larger story, it has great potential. Awesome job.

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