NaNoWriMo Day 6

We write,
As our word count expands to high heights.
We face challenges and more,
Sometimes it may feel like we are facing a locked door.
Try as hard as you can,
And stick to your plan.
Because in the end, it’ll be worth it,
So, keep the good spirit.
You’re doing it as a team,
So, make up a good theme.
Writers’ block,
Everyone gets the shock.
It’s difficult I know,
But as you overcome you will grow.
The last word you type,
You shall believe all the hype.
The relief is surreal,
When you finish your spiel.
NaNoWriMo is here,
Everyone endears.
For a good reason,
So, soak up this season.
It only comes once a year,
So put on your gear,
And motivate your peers.
Let’s do this and be gutsy,
Because we’re CWC!

By Abigail M.


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