I Dream of Nights Like This

by Marysa Writes

When it is past our curfew, kiss me under the glow of the single streetlamp on this road. Let us break from the screaming in the music representing our frustrations and hear the symphonies a quiet night can cause within our smiles. Every breath becomes a piano, every laugh acts as the whole damn orchestra. Let us enjoy the star’s dance to the sounds we are creating. Every touch we share ignites a spark powerful to light another in the sky. To the one solo act that soars; shoots above our heads, we wish that the sun will rise just a few minutes late so that we can enjoy the encore.



15 thoughts on “I Dream of Nights Like This

  1. Oh, wow. This is really expressive, Marysa. I love the descriptions you implemented, and the meaning of the poem is aesthetic about not wasting the moment, but instead letting yourself enjoy it (my subjective opinion on the interpretation). Great work on this piece, as always.

  2. Love love love this!!! The imagery is splendid, and creates a picture of still, peaceful silence, and two people wrapped up just in the presence of each other. I love things like this, and you captured it just right. Looking forward to more work!!

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