Writing Prompt Wednesday

by Abigail M

NaNoWriMo is coming to an end.

Tell us about your NaNoWriMo experience, in poetry form!

Write your poem in the comments below for others to see and reply!



24 thoughts on “Writing Prompt Wednesday

  1. NaNoWriMo is ending at last

    And we’ve worked hard indeed

    Then come the question always asked

    How should we proceed?

    With our stories still in the making

    School beginning anew

    And characters whose journeys’ have not been taken

    What should we do?

    Worry not and do not fret

    Though NaNoWriMo is but once a year

    That’s no reason to get upset!

    Any minute of any day is when you can shift into high gear

    Continue writing and have a blast

    Now that you have been freed

    From a deadline that will soon be passed

    Now go write wherever your heart may lead!

    1. This is wonderful Lia! Everything rhymes so well, and keeps an inspirational rhythm about it at the same time. Great job, I really loved this!

      1. It’s not negative lol. It’s the unfortunate truth XD I know it’s bad, but I also know I can improve. Just good luck finding a synonym of “improve” that rhymes with “truth” XD

  2. “Where My Heart Goes”

    Where does my heart go now?
    Nowhere it does,
    It’s wings are broken,
    My heart lies on the ground,
    Thinking how the sentiment
    Of the story left,
    It fell from my fingers,
    To go fly with the wind,
    It’s gone with the wind now,
    Where my heart goes,
    Not able to travel the distances,
    My heart doesn’t know where to find the touch
    They had when pen marked page,
    It feels all seeped from me,
    Every ounce of water ran dry,
    The desert now lost itself,
    The cactus blossom losing each petal,
    Where my heart goes,
    I lost it all in the end of the month,
    The moon leaving with the calling,
    The colors of my life have become repetitive,
    A repetition with an ungifted rhyme,
    Where my heart goes,
    It trembles of fear,
    Losing what would have made a beautiful poem,
    It doesn’t seem to attach to anything,
    Not dwelling it does,
    Not clinging to the mirror,
    Where behind my eyes a world
    Was busy and alive,
    Now there is nothing special,
    I don’t know what to say,
    Where my heart goes now,
    Ties of feeling have been unraveled,
    Now I follow a rickety patch of emotion,
    Letting go of passion,
    No dream to come true now,
    The sunrise is fading,
    How bright it was to see gold touch the sky,
    Now I don’t know how to see it,
    Where my heart goes,
    Giving away my gift,
    Now I can’t get it back,
    Something my heart couldn’t release,
    But with the candle light,
    Burning for a long while,
    Then taken by my breath,
    Where to unearth such a thing?
    Where my heart goes,
    No longer dancing on the stars,
    I tripped over myself,
    Not wanting to do it anymore,
    They say when you’re young,
    You have so much imagination,
    Then an eclipse comes by,
    And when you turn around it disappeared with time,
    A month has gone by,
    I wrote my last one,
    Great as it was,
    Now my words fall flat to the floor,
    The writing on the wall said this would happen,
    But I ignored it,
    I kept walking toward the moon,
    Now I don’t know what to make of the sun or moon,
    Words slipping from my lips,
    No meaning whatsoever,
    Where my heart goes,
    It goes on a different path,
    Then I wanted,
    It rose from the ground,
    A phantom that would soon leave with the cold night,
    To only reclaim what was mine,
    Too hard to grasp,
    Existence of inspiration,
    Never again to live,
    Like the 80th decade,
    I don’t know where my heart goes,
    An object of feeling that can’t find anything,
    Anything at all.

    1. Your poem is so so pretty Shalymar! Everything you write has such a beautiful meaning to it and holds so much depth and beauty. Each word is a description of something, good, bad, and the in between. And I’m sure your nanowrimo novel was great! Please send it to me, I haven’t forgotten, I’ll send you mine soon! 🙂

  3. Took me a while
    And for that while I didn’t write
    But now I read it and smile
    As I look back at the things I typed
    I wrote something pretty good
    Something I would
    Be proud of and add on to
    Something I wont delete
    Something my onw and brand new
    Something that represents me
    I’m happy with the way this year went
    My word goal was small
    But I finished
    And throughout it all
    I didn’t quit
    So when you ask me how nanowrimo went?
    I will say absolutely magnificent!

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