by Add

Every empire crumbles
Every hierarchy falls
There comes a time when someone fumbles
But every falling has a cause
Every event has a reason
People may wonder about the time they’ve spent throughout the seasons
Is the falling their faulting
Or maybe it’s their opportunity, their calling
Preventing this chain of events does not exist
We just have to look at it like its pure bliss
Because maybe it’s the moment we cannot miss


8 thoughts on “Untitled

  1. I especially like how it uses medieval times in comparison to failure; I’m sure many kings could look at this poem and shake their head sadly in agreement
    Excellent work, this is really cool!

  2. This is an excellent poem. It is very beautiful in its interpretation of living the moment since it may not come by again (my subjective opinion of it). There is no prevention from what can occur, and we can only learn from these experiences. I especially loved the lines, “But every falling has a cause, Every event has a reason” It really stood out to me, because we cannot prevent the moment; it will happen. However, there is an element of what we can control. Instead of ruminating about these past failures, we can try to find joy in the moment, since it has a reason to be there. I really like how this was written to digress, and the meaning is really great. Awesome job. I hope to see more of your works.

  3. I am loving all these poems! I am also in love with the medivial theme that you seem to be having here, Add. I look forward to new works you may have.

  4. I absolutely love this! My favorite line was there comes as time when everyone fumbles, idk why that spoke to me so much. The way this poem was written was so smooth and lovely to read, and the meaning was, well, meaningful! Overall, wonderful job!!

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