Humans are storytellers. Inside everyone, there is a story held close in their minds, an unforgotten little voice they stash to the back during the busy work days, but release into all areas of their brain come nightfall when it is time to dream. Anyone can be a writer–we all are writers–but some people want to expand this talent into a hobby, a career, or perhaps writing stories is like their oxygen. Without gripping novels, somber poems, or thunderous orations, our world would be bland and jejune. If you have ever pondered an idea, a spark, a dream of a story in your mind that is begging to break out and be heard, or if you are interested in seeing a hidden talent flourish, then FLVS’s Creative Writing Club is for you!

Club Activities:

Our club is unique and colorful–many think that writing is just English essay work, but here in the Creative Writing Club, we touch on all areas of writing. From teaching our writers planning and coordination through National Novel Writing Month/National Poetry Writing Month to getting down to the nitty gritty of characterization, voice, and plot development, we explore all kinds of activities to help you be the best writer you can be. We focus on each activity for one to two months at a time, and you are almost always given the opportunity to share your work with your peers! If you are the type who would love to get feedback on a piece you have written, our Editorial Board would be happy to take a look at your work! We also have Open Mic every meeting, which gives our members the chance to read a small piece to the rest of the club with very positive feedback given back.

Club Blog:

Feeling in the writing mood? Check our club blog for ten-minute writing prompts to help get those creative juices flowing. On our blog, you will also find upcoming meeting dates and times, our yearly schedule, our current monthly activity, the editing submission form, and much more! Your works can also be posted to the blog for the club to see, and members can comment on the work you have done. If you have a writing blog of your own, share it with us on our blog and members can visit you! Are you on Twitter? Follow us! You can also submit small quotes or little postings through the blog to be tweeted on our Twitter account.
by Cheyenne


To officially become a member of the Creative Writing Club, you must be enrolled in a class at FLVS, and you need to fill out an FLVS Club Application.

Please fill out the Application form, even if you’ve already filled the form out for another club. You need to submit it again for this one.

Please read the important disclosures in the application before you submit so you know how to find the opt-out form as necessary.

**Always discuss your school, club, and online involvement with a parent/guardian.**

Click HERE to find out more about clubs at FLVS and learn how to join. 

Participation Requirements:

  • You must come to at least one meeting OR post a comment on the blog each month to remain a member of the club.
  • All activities are optional. The only requirement for the club is participation (attending a meeting or posting a comment on the blog).


  1. I’m going to do this! I am very good at poetry.

    • I’ve been searching for a club like this, and I love this club even better now that I know I can join it in the comfort of my home.

  2. Yes same here. I love the freedom.Hats off to you,CWC!!!

  3. I am very excited to join this club! Hopefully, my writing will improve as time progresses.

  4. I have a question. When we stop the meetings in May, would we have to sig up all over again in July or August to get back in? Or would we still be in?

  5. Hey! I have a suggestion for your blog! A lot of CWC members are bloggers, with their own CW blog. Maybe you could have a page for all of those blogs 🙂

  6. Oh, wow! The About page changed, and I really like it! Good job, Cheyenne!

  7. I think I’m going to sign up, I did last year. I will probably only be able to attend one meeting, and I don’t know how many activities I’ll be able to do, but I like this club as a little something on the side. 🙂

  8. CWC Is the best club in the world, I couldn’t imagine my life without it! Or the friendly bonds I’ve made with others! Mrs. Emery, this club is truly a great thing, I LOVE it! ❤ 🙂

  9. Gabrielle Lovell

    I agree Sofia, this club is so amazing and I’m so grateful for everything everyone has done. I truly love this club. thank you so much Mrs. Emery for what you’ve done here. 🙂

  10. StoryTeller4401

    Hay everyone I love the poems and short stories i’v read on the blog, I especially like Devil’s Tongue. Keep up the awesome work

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