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Fallen Stars

by Shalymar P.

I want to say those stars above have always shone,
Have always lit my home in silvery light,
Have always cradled with the moon in the timeline before me,
This is to say those before me were in agile perfection,
But sometimes those stars didn’t dance in pastel colors,
Sometimes they fell to the earth and broke like dreams,
Sometimes their silver fragments wounded others,
Sometimes we bled tears of pain,
Sometimes the stars weren’t there when water edged the eyes
At the mid of night,
These stars were hemmed to folded velvet skies,
And came in gloom and faded lightly again,
Letters wrote of love but never reached the ocean,
Hidden to swell burning anger to an aching peak,
Then hope left silently,
Loneliness called to be a friend,
And those stars fell from the sky,
To never drum in rivers of faint colors,
This is when dreams were shattered,
When black and white painted the world,
But sound of music stitched a broken heart,
There it mended fallen stars,
But there was still withering sorrow,
Because when you love someone you don’t want their stars to fall,
And everywhere they went they took stars of light,
And dropped them to the beating ground,
Where stars seize to shine,
And then step all over given love,
To keep held in darkness,
But long came a bright pool of golden light,
Resemblance of a sun,
Where it then picked up fallen stars,
And mended broken silver fractures,
And love came in starlight once more,
But heaving final breath you near and you still collapse stars to the ground,
And colorful starlight in mended hues seeps in tears,
A bleeding heart with your fallen stars.



by Add

Every empire crumbles
Every hierarchy falls
There comes a time when someone fumbles
But every falling has a cause
Every event has a reason
People may wonder about the time they’ve spent throughout the seasons
Is the falling their faulting
Or maybe it’s their opportunity, their calling
Preventing this chain of events does not exist
We just have to look at it like its pure bliss
Because maybe it’s the moment we cannot miss

Diamond’s Poem

by Abigail M.

Moving, but still.
Bouncing off the light,
What a beautiful sight!
Hard as a rock,
But gentle as air.
Deep inside a crevice,
There’s not a single blemish.
Oh, how nature has assembled,
Something as beautiful as an emerald.
All on its own,
With no help to the throne.
It’s a diamond shining bright,
Just to my delight.


by Cassidy N.

I will not be a conch shell.
I will not latch on to person after person allowing them to make a home of me, left repeatedly outgrown and deserted on a painfully lonely cycle.
I will not be the shore, begging constantly for waves to wash over me so my bones can bind together and feel stable once again.
Instead I will be the very tides that the sand longs for. I will be powerful and pulled by only the moon over my head, I will crash and I will carry things within me, always returning back to home; but only after I’ve curiously drifted and created through a life that is so much more.

The Panic Room

by Natasha K.

Somewhere no one can escape,
The panic room can make and break
Inside, it breaks
Outside, it makes

No one ever hears your screams
Deranged, it seems,
But your fears disagree

And if you manage to survive,
Its not quite clear if you’re truly alive,
Because no matter what,
You’re dead inside.

I Dream of Nights Like This

by Marysa Writes

When it is past our curfew, kiss me under the glow of the single streetlamp on this road. Let us break from the screaming in the music representing our frustrations and hear the symphonies a quiet night can cause within our smiles. Every breath becomes a piano, every laugh acts as the whole damn orchestra. Let us enjoy the star’s dance to the sounds we are creating. Every touch we share ignites a spark powerful to light another in the sky. To the one solo act that soars; shoots above our heads, we wish that the sun will rise just a few minutes late so that we can enjoy the encore.


NaNoWriMo: Finish Strong!

by Gabrielle L.

NaNoWriMo is one of the biggest challenges a writer can face. Setting a goal and trying your hardest to complete it within only 1 month is so challenging! But, as tough as NaNoWriMo is, the final result is priceless; your very own novel.
I have done 3 NaNoWriMo’s so far, and I have finished all of them. I may not have liked my novel afterwards, wished I had done more, had hundreds of spelling errors and grammar twists, but I had a huge accomplishment that I could not gain elsewhere; I had written a whole novel in just one month. You may say that you didn’t write enough or that your goal is too small, but if you want to actually finish your novel, your goal has to be attainable. It can be 100 words or 100,000, NaNoWriMo is different for everybody and there should be no shame for having a smaller goal!
And if you don’t finish, that is 100% okay too, you still have something you wrote and can add on to later. Didn’t write anything at all? That is completely fine! As nerve racking as it gets, there is no need to stress or worry over it! Remember this challenge is for increasing your writing skills, it doesn’t have to be perfect!
So, when you hit that wall and you just don’t know what to write, just take a breath, and realize the reason why you are writing. Because you are a writer and you can do this. You have the strength, the willpower, the skills and talent to complete NaNoWriMo, and even though it may seem like you can’t right now, you can. Push away writers block, shut out the critics, reach that deadline and finish NaNoWriMo strong!


by Jackie H.

You tell me you love me.
Care about me.
That I deserve to smile.

You tell me that I’m perfect.
Absolutely lovely.
That I am a rose in the desert.

But this rose is covered with thorns.
And poison drips from my lips.
And coats my hands
That touch my face while I cry

And this rose has had each petal pulled.
And my mind is being pulled to shreds.
Every piece falling apart.
Against my will.

And this rose has been licked by flames.
And I am burned.

The Devil’s Tongue

By Adrienne C.

Your tongue dripping with lies
Practiced words, lyrics, from the bottom of your heart.
“Like you planned it from the start” though they are not your words nor mine.
Was this your plan then?
To groom me, the way taught by the devil’s seed in your head?
To bloom a fake friendship, better left dead?
Keep your slick lies to yourself,
You can’t control me or anyone else.
Your plans revealed to everyone else
You walked into your own trap, destroying yourself.
Destroyed your life, as we slowly try to rebuild ours.
Although it seems strange, we thank you.
For planting that seed of hope in their hearts and minds,
And breaking your hold on mine.


by Katie Watsky

Ever since I was little, I’ve had the same friend group. Noah, Juno, and Macie. It’s always been us four. Noah’s dad called us ‘The Gang.’ We stayed together from kindergarten to high school. That deserves a medal or something. In middle school I started dating Noah. It didn’t last long, but our friendship didn’t waver.

After high school, our friendship fell apart. No one was quite sure what they wanted to do and it was awkward. Noah left town without warning and didn’t come back for three months. He won’t tell anyone what happened.

For about a year, we all just became neighborly and didn’t hang out. No one really knew why, but we didn’t talk.

Eventually, Juno and Macie got a job at the same record store and we all started to connect again.

That was when we started realizing Noah was acting weird.

He wouldn’t talk to us, he’d be really secretive, and he would never bring up the three months he left town no matter how many times you asked him.

We knew something was up.