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Today’s prompt:

Imagine a dialogue between two people. Write a poem that only shows one side of the dialogue

Post your poem to comments!

Please read the NaPoWriMo page for details on how the challenge works and how you can participate this month, no matter what your personal writing challenge is for the month of April. Please read How to Post During NaPoWriMo. Remember that work shared this month is shared in precisely that spirit: sharing, as opposed to critiquing.



I hope you’re having a great holiday. I want you to know how thankful I am for all of our members in the club. You make this happen and create a wonderful and supportive community where we can learn and write together.



Congratulations NaPoWriMo Participants!

We had a great NaPoWriMo this year! Congratulations to this year’s participants and all of the poetry you cranked out! I loved reading everyone’s poems all month.

Emily – 50
Leah – 31
Madison – 31
Grace – 30
Alicia – 26
Misty – 15
Faiz – 10
Cleo – 6
Elle – 4
Kara – 3
Gabby – 3
Katrina – 3
Bethany – 2
Caitlyn – 2
Jessica – 1
Naylene – 1
Charlotte – 1
Kennedi – 1
Michelle – 1
Cheyenne – 1
Yarah – 1


Service Project Update

We have one more week left for our service project.

So far, 6 members have participated. These numbers are good, but we have around 60 active members. Think how much better they could be if more people contributed. I’d love to see more participation. If you are able to in the next week, please consider donating a book or reading to someone.

We can do it!


Writing Prompt

From Tea: Your character ruins an irreplaceable item that doesn’t belong to them; do they get discovered or are they able to fix the situation?

Write for 10 minutes. Post your piece to comments.

Poem by Casey

Welcome to Writer’s Island,
Lost in the sea of words,
Where all is calm and desolate,
But for the fog and birds,
Among the swaying trees,
Lie people young and old,
And if you look just hard enough,
You’ll see the pages that they fold.
These people are the ones that write,
The books that you have read,
They create the yellow brick roads,
That your imagination treads.
The island is surrounded,
By a flowing sea of words,
And when the writers need some,
They grab their fishing rods.
They will dance down to the ocean,
Upon the sparkling sand,
Where underneath the earth it hides,
Lays a giant hand.
The hand holds all the wisdom,
All the crannies and the nooks,
All the fantasies and journeys,
That come dancing from those books.
So now you know the reason,
For the island in the sea,
It’s called the Writer’s Island,
Filled with books for you and me.

Poems by Kelsay

In no hurry

I want to touch the angels and I want to see,
Who I was always supposed to be,
I want to see a place that people say doesn’t exist,
I want to know all that I’ve missed;
I really do know what I can give,
But For a while just let me live..
I still want to touch the angels…
I still want to learn to fly…
But Please, I’m in no hurry to die.


A Love to last forever

Who am I to make you wait
Come with me before it’s too late
To feel your heart beat so close to mine
To feel our promise’s intertwine

Just me and you against the world
Just our dreams and fantasies twirled
Just me and you against the Distance
Our Love holds no resistance

Darling I’d walk a million miles
Just to see your sweetest smile
And I’d walk a million more
Just to knock on your door

Because Your my one and only
and I promise you will never be lonely
because your my only reason
To hold out through the harshest season

Darling I’d cross every mile
Just to walk….down that isle
Just hand and hand to always be
Just two hearts…forever you and me

Haikus by CJ

The sun rises gently, softly
Breath of a new day through the air
While the moon sleeps gradually

Midday spreads its wings
Covering the proud earth in glow
And spirit to the end

The sun rests without vain
For its purpose fulfilled
Now show time for the moon

My First Love by Dejah

I once loved one so round and dear
He knew I loved him so
I’d hold him close, he’d kiss my nose
Yes, this was my true love

With big brown eyes, a button nose
How cute and so divine
I’ll love him to the very end
Yes, the very end of time

He was my first my very first
So original and unique
He was the smallest of his kind
But perfect just for me

I admit I made some bad mistakes
The way I dealt with him
Was I the reason for his death?
Why the breath of life left him?

I cannot change or reverse the time
I must continue life
But if I were to go back again
I’d tell him “I love you,” one more time

I cannot changed what happened
What happened, that must stay
But I can change the future
By learning now, today

I learned to treat you better
I learned to be more kind
If that is why you left me
My heart has broken seven times

I really am so sorry
I love you very much
I didn’t mean to take away
Your unique soul from this earth

Your family might be hurting I hope they’re still alive Jack I love you very much
Jack I wish you hadn’t died

Haikus by Sudha

So bitter and sweet,
Eye for eye makes you half blind,
Can’t see the right side.

Broken Heart:
Broken and shattered,
Into a million pieces.
Can you please fix it?

This vile emptiness:
A saying goes, “Food for thought,”
So it eats my thoughts.