You Are There

by Ariana The date that haunts every month. Everytime the day comes, I can only think about you.Days turned to weeks turned to months and will turn to years. That nostalgia plays everytime I hear you.The words you sang, the words you screamed that shaped my childhood.Others cry at your words, I used to. Now I smile, … Continue reading You Are There


It’s Your Story

by Lia V. Have you ever sat in front of your computer wishing you knew what to write? Wishing you could will the words to write themselves? Have you ever abandoned a story because of the pressure that you’ve gotten to write it?  Those feelings are nothing new. Every author has, at one point in … Continue reading It’s Your Story

Year From Now

by Theriddlemaster Dear future self,Are you healthy?Have you helped anyone?Saved any lives?Did you publish your first book?Your second?Has your writing improved?What about your vocabulary?Have you made any new friends?Is your best friend still your best friend? Was she a sham?Have you visited Australia?Moved to Canada?Did you get a pet newt?Have you met all your cousins?Have … Continue reading Year From Now

Blue Shoes

by Hope His blue shoes, were nothing special, they weren't even new. But they complimented his blue eyes so well. that he took the breath away from not just a few, but me too. With his smile, and those beautiful blue shoes, that everyone loved, what could a girl do but love him too.