Editorial Board

The editorial board serves as officers for the creative writing club.
Board Member Duties:
-Editing student pieces
-Providing prompts for the blog each month
-Writing an essay for the blog each month

2016-2017 Board Members

Cheyenne Cintron

My name is Cheyenne and I have been a member of CWC for two years. I live in Florida with my mom, my dad, my brother, and my two sisters. Back in March 2015, I got my Microsoft Office Certifications for Word, PowerPoint, and Excel 2013, which is a great step toward my future dream career in the STEM field. I joined this club in 2013 because I had a growing hunger to write stories and become influential through anything I write, not just fiction. Writing is one of the best stress relievers I have discovered. It helped me to not only blow off steam, but to discover that I have a true creative passion for literature and being influential through any work I produce. I hope to deliver my passion and knowledge of writing to the rest of the club for another year in CWC!

Natalie Cross

I’m Natalie, a writer of 4 years! I’m a very open-minded person with plans to study abroad as a veterinarian in the near future. I tend to lean towards a right brain type of thinking, which helps with another one of my passions: art. Writing has been a hobby of mine since middle school, and I sincerely enjoy the sensation that creating a new atmosphere and environment brings. In fact, many of my drawing ideas come from a scene or writing idea that I’ve had. As a creator and leader by nature, I will put all of my effort into making this 2015-2016 year a memorable one for the CWC!


Olivia Horne

My name is Olivia Horne and I am a senior with Florida Virtual School Full-Time. I aspire to work in education to promote literacy and educational equality of opportunity. I spend most of my free time working at a local elementary school and tutoring center and enjoy promoting the power of reading among young students. As President of the National English Honor Society, I am very passionate about the influence that reading can have on the learning process. Ever since I can remember, I have enjoyed reading and writing. Words have tremendous power and using them to express myself is very important to me.



Grace Robbins

Hello! I’m Grace Robbins, a junior here on FLVS. I have been writing since the age of seven, but perhaps more accurately at three, as I used to create stories from pictures in books I would read, rather than reading the actual words. C.S. Lewis is my absolute favorite author, and I enjoy reading his works ranging from The Chronicles of Narnia to Mere Christianity. I enjoy learning Latin, studying classical guitar, and trying to improve my tennis skills!

I have been part of the FLVS Creative Writing club for three years, and thoroughly enjoying participating in all this club has to offer. Writing is an important aspect of my life, (just as much as reading is!) because I love finding new ways to effectively communicate my thoughts, feelings, and beliefs and also work on my writing style and purpose. When I go to college I’d love to study Literature and the classics. I hope my writing accompanies me wherever I go, because it is truly a gift I am thankful for. It’s a defining element: how and what we write exemplifies who we are!




Rosalind Rohrbaugh

Hello to all fellow scribblers! As a veteran member of the Creative Writing Club, I have seen a lot of great years come and go, and I have a feeling this one will be just as magnificent. I am a native to Washington DC, but I have lived in Florida since I was only 2 years old! I live with my mother, my two dogs, my cat, and a room full of geckos in a little house in Altamonte Springs. I started writing when I was a toddler, but really got serious in the craft at the age of 11 when I wrote my first novel. I now have many short stories and first drafts I’m quite proud of, and I even have two completed manuscripts I plan to publish in the near future. Being a creative writer has helped me truly grow as a woman and a soul, and I have gained some of the most precious artistic skills I now own from the Creative Writing Club; I have certainly been thankful for all the things this club has taught me to do. Aside from writing, I also breed reptiles, love to draw, advocate for feminist/LGBTQ/racial rights through volunteer work, and I work at a piercing shop in my close by mall! I plan to study to get a degree in Zoology, and I hope travel to the Galapagos Islands someday and meet some giant tortoises and marine iguanas!




Club Sponsor

Mrs. Emery

I have been writing and swallowing books since I was little. I am happy to share my passion with members of the club. I teach AP Lit/Lang and English 2&4 with FLVS and live with my husband and our dog Gilbert.

Mrs. Emery

Mrs. Emery

  1. How do you become an editorial board member?

    • Hey Vincenzo,
      We have 5 positions available. Members apply at the beginning of the year. Also, you must be a member of the club for the school year before the current year.

  2. CWC has the coolest board, y’know? 😀

  3. So, like, this is my first year being in CWC, but I want to be a member. So, do I just have to wait until the beginning of next year in order to apply for a position? Or, what? Also, what exactly do Board Members do? What makes them any different that Regular Members? What are they involved in, and how are they important? Thanks!

  4. Nevermind.. I read the duties at he top of the page, lol! I get it now… So, like, I’m not a member so I couldn’t submit a Writing Prompt, basically? Oh, and, can I be a Board Member next year?

  5. To apply for the position of a board member (if I decide I want to next year) what are the requirements? Do we have to be a certain age? Do we have to have published something? And how exactly do we apply for a position? Do we send in stories or something? Or do we just email you? Sorry, for the questions, just curious! 😀

  6. Congratulation Cheyenne & Natalie! I’m glad you guys will be our leaders! 🙂

  7. Mine needs to go up there! 😛

  8. Yes!! Grace is up there!! Whoo-hoo! *fist bump* 😉

  9. Rosalind that’s cool that you were born in DC and moved to Florida when you were two! I was born in Maryland(right next to DC) and moved to Florida when I was about one or two (:

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