Member Blogs

Check out some of our members’ personal blogs below.

NOTE: These blogs are unaffiliated with the Creative Writing Club. There may be content that you find objectionable and/or school inappropriate.

Lucille J.

Daniela YK

DeLynn M.

Shari B.

Natasha K. (Theriddlemaster)

Gabrielle S.

Raven K.


Marysa S.

J’adore B.


Pauline T.

Sara J.

Eshanie W.

Mark T.

Grace T.

Christopher T.

Mia N.

Alyssa H.

If you’re a member and would like your blog to be linked here, please fill out the form below.

One blog per member.


45 thoughts on “Member Blogs

  1. yay ! so happy that these are all on here ! love them all ! I am making a blog this weekend … so , as soon as I have it up , i’ll send you the URL . thanks ! πŸ˜‰

  2. I really should make a blog and see if there’s anything gold in the dusty file, on my computer, labeled ‘Stories’…half started stories that I haven’t touched for years…

  3. @gabby if you just search blogger on the internet, it will pull up an orange square with a white “B” in it πŸ™‚ i suggest you use this if you want to make a blog :)!

  4. Hi everyone! Just a question, how do you create a blog? Thanks, and I hope I get answer soon. Thanks you guys! πŸ˜€

    1. Hey Sofia, there are many ways to create a blog, but not all are free. A popular, simple way to make a blog is Wix. I used it before I created my wordpress blog. I’m pretty sure you sign up on the website, and follow the steps to creating a blog. I’ll put a link to the website.

      1. Thank you so much Grace! I will try to use it, and check it out! Thank you, this was really helpful! πŸ˜€

    1. The easiest one in my opinion is through WordPress. You can go into your account and got to ‘make your own site’ or something like that, then choose blog and voila, you have a blog! You can check out other sites, but I found WordPresses the easiest to edit and to make. πŸ™‚

  5. What if I want to change my website to a different one? ‘Cause my Bunker Story Blog is super inactive, and I moved to a blog that centers around other stuff

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