How to Post during NaPoWriMo

The point of NaPoWriMo is quantity not quality. We’re all scribbling away all month. Some prompts will speak to you, and some will not. Some poems will be keepers, but most will not. If you respond to anyone’s poem, please do it in the spirit of sharing and a love of poetry, rather than critiquing. We’ll leave editing and critiquing for May.

1. Once your poem is written, post it to comments if you’d like to share it.
2. If you’d like to comment on someone’s poem, you may do so.
3. All poems and comments must be school appropriate.
4. You may write to the prompt provided or post your own poem unrelated to the prompt.

NOTE: Unfortunately posting on the blog is limited to club members. If you are an FLVS student participating, you may share your poems during meetings or email them to Mrs. Emery to be posted on the blog. You will also email your poems at the end of the month.

Don’t post your poems here. You’ll post them on the prompt for each day. If you have any questions, please email Mrs. Emery at kemery (at)

  1. Kristin Slanker


    Should I compare you to my little sister?
    Who is more annoying that the sounds of nails on a chalkboard
    She is always up my keister,
    But that is something that can be ignored:
    She is seven years old and as mean as a troll,
    This makes me want to strangle her all the more;
    Because she always thinks she is in control,
    We are constantly at war;
    All her stories are such a bore
    It makes me want to just hide under my bed;
    At times I feel like hitting her with the door
    I swear she has got to be brain dead.
    Even though she is as mean as the devil,
    I will love her forever and ever.

  2. A great many people wear a mask
    to seal up their secrets and cover their past
    hidden beneath a life full of obstruction
    silent, dark lies leading up to destruction.
    Hold on to your edge, don’t let it slip away
    don’t forget your future, don’t let your present fade.

  3. I have a question–
    To post your poems in the comments, do they each have to have a word limit?

  4. Do you sometimes wonder
    Why the sun is shining?
    And why flowers are blooming?
    And why the birds are singing?
    Do you ever wonder
    Why the clouds
    Are perfectly white?
    And why the grass
    Is a bright green?
    And why the rainbows
    Still stretch across the sky?
    When everything else
    Is breaking down to pieces?
    When everything else is destroyed
    When the darkness covers everything
    Nature still stands.

    Just a little pre-NaPoWriMo, if you know what I mean 🙂

  5. Your poems don’t have to match up to the prompts, right? Like I can post a poem I wrote, and it doesn’t have to be like the prompts?

  6. My Poem about EXO, BTS, SHINee, and GOT7: pt1,

    Chanyeol your raps are so fly
    you make me smile wide
    D. O. your eyes are so wide
    They make me flutter like a butterfly
    Suga your raps are so sweet,
    its neat
    your smile is like the sun

  7. Corrected Version:
    Time Just Time by Sasha Solomon

    Time is nothing but time
    Daytime turns into nighttime
    Bedtime is at nighttime
    Halftime is primetime
    Lunchtime is a mealtime
    Key lime is a sweet lime
    Wartime is not peacetime
    Full-time and part-time
    Anytime is sometime

  8. My Fear by Sasha Solomon

    It flies high in the sky
    It’s always near a body of water
    Making me feel like I’m being slaughter

    Anytime I’m outside
    I see one of them flying high
    High up into the sky

    Sometimes they’re just sitting on the grass,
    Staring at me
    Or when I’m passing by the beach
    They could be waiting to poop on me

    It lives everywhere
    I can’t even go anywhere
    Without seeing it
    My worst fear

  9. Spring by Sasha Solomon

    It’s spring!
    The birds sing
    The trees branches swing
    And the sky rains

  10. Sasha Solomon

    Rio’s Poem by Sasha Solomon

    Como esta
    My is Rio
    And I like to go with like flow

    Me and my bro, Ryan
    Always be flyin

    Ryan, he’s my wingman
    But also, my best friend
    He’s always there for me
    Even when I can’t see

    Our mother is Black-American
    Our father is Korean-American
    But that doesn’t bother us
    Because we love them just as much as they love us

    People say we don’t look the same
    However, we share the same picture frames
    We don’t share the same skin, visually
    But that’s not written by pen, seriously

    When our momma give birth
    I was first
    But Ryan disagrees
    Because he doesn’t believe it was me

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