Participation Points

Members can earn Participation Points for participating in different activities throughout the year. All members are automatically entered into the program. In June, the person with the most points will win the prize! The winner will receive a book of their choice mailed to them.

Ways to Earn Points

Meeting = 20 points
Blog Comment = 5 points
Blog Submission = 10 points
Group Short Story = 15 points
Shakespeare Festival Activity Assistant = 20 points
Shakespeare Fest Planning Committee = 50 points
NaPoWriMo = 25 points


Star Scribblers!

Below are our Top Ten members with the most points listed in alphabetical order. The List is updated every Friday.

Bridget B.
Emilee S.
Eshanie W.
Gabby L.
Grace R.
Grace T.
Lia V.
Mary-Kelly R.
Sofia C.
Sofia H.

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