16-17 Short Story Workshop

Each year, a small group of members participate in the rigorous short story workshop. They work closely together, learning about short stories and getting feedback about their work.

Below, you can read their final products. Enjoy!

2016-2017 Participants

What Separates Me From You by Sydney

Magic Portal by Kaitlynn

The Building by Mrs. Emery

The Birthmark of a Beast and the Porcelain Doll by Rosalind

  1. How do I sign up? I would love to participate!

  2. I love writing short stories. You know, Mrs.Emery.

  3. Oh god, Sydney’s is amazing! So is Kaitlynn’s, Rosalind’s and yours Mrs. Emery! I really don’t want to be rude or disrespectful, but my honest favorite was Sydney’s. It was so revolving, beautiful, and most of all intriguing, I love it! I love the others too, can’t wait for this one! 💗💕

  4. Ooh! This is so cool! Can’t wait to see this years! 🙂

  5. What’s yours about, Sofia? BTW You’re name is actually in mine. And Gabrielle, can I borrow yours? Right now it’s Paris. Should I keep it?

    • Lol! It’s about a girl called Maya, who is being questioned by some reporters about her experience being lost in a snow storm. I just add a cute twist at the end and done. I don’t know about this, and I’m getting antsy if I get in. I’m not sure. Zero. Zilch. Nada. But oh well, I just hope it’s going to be fun. What’s yours about, Sierra?

      • That sounds awesome! I would read that for sure Sofia! The short story thing sounds really cool, so I would bet it would be a ton of fun! Don’t worry too much about it, you’re a really great writer! 😀

      • Gabby, that is so nice of you! You’re so sweet, thank you SO much, that made me feel so much better. And yes, I’ll try not to worry about it, and I’ll add some more mature things during the workshop and see what other’s feedback think about it. Thank you Gabby, thanks again!

    • Totally! It would be really cool to have my name in story, especially if it gets published one day! 🙂

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