The Elementals by Sara

The Elementals

by Sara Jimenez

“Good morning sleepy head!” yelled a voice so high pitched it hurt my ears. I opened my grey-blue eyes and came face to face with an emerald green eye and black hair in a bob that covered the other.

“Go away Octavia.” I mumbled and turned around, trying to kick her off my bed. Octavia Jones has been my best friend since 3rd grade, and I honestly don’t think she’s changed much. She is more the artsy type and her room is covered in sketches and drawings. I on the other hand prefer things like dance. Octavia and I live in a three-room apartment. The third room is used as our personal library. Octavia and I have a slight obsession with books and she has thetendency to wake me up on Saturdays at seven to drag me to a bookshop. Which is why I usually lock the door…so how did she get in?

“Reyna Lovell!” Octavia yelled while whacking me in the face with a rolled up newspaper. I sat up, making Octavia topple off the bed. She grumbled some things I wasn’t completely sure I wanted to hear and stood up. Today, Octavia had on purple jeans, a gray beanie, black boots and a loose fitting black shirt that said, “First Coffee, then the World!”

“You don’t even drink coffee.” I pointed out grumpily, getting up and going over to my closet. Octavia just shrugged and jumped on the bed. I sighed and picked out a dress with layers that had different shades of blue, along with some white sandals.

“How did you get into my room?” I asked, Octavia was silent for a moment, as if deciding if she should tell me the truth or change the topic. Octavia chose thelatter.

“Reyna, you look like a blonde witch.” Octavia said and I rolled my eyes.

“Haha, go get me some coffee.” I told Octavia and went to go take a shower. 10 minutes later we were walking down Hope Road and towards ThriftBooks. ThriftBooks is a little used books book shop slash café near our College. Octavia and I both go to the Institute of the Fine Arts, which is divided into two groups, the dancers and the artists. As you can probably guess, Octavia is part of the artists and I am part of the dancers. We entered the book shop and were greeted by the smell of baked goods.

“Octavia, Reyna! I was starting to wonder where my two new favorite shopper were.” Said Gracie, the owner of the store. She was around 20 years old, but sometimes acted like a 13 year old.

“I actually just shelved an interesting book, I didn’t look inside but I think it was called The Elementals.” Gracie said and nodded to the rows of bookcases. Octavia and I raced to the very back of the book shop and started looking at the titles.

“Found it!” Yelled Octavia excitedly, handing me the book. It had a cover that was divided into four corners. One red, one blue, one brown-green, and one that seemed kind of shimmery. I saw the title on the top of the book but didn’t see the author.

“No author.” I muttered to Octavia, who was pulling books out of the shelf, for every three she took out, she kept one. Octavia turned to me, five books in hand.

“You sure you checked everywhere?” She asked, opening the book while it was still in my hand. The second she opened it bright light blasted out of the book and the next thing I knew, I was falling. It took me a second to process the fact that I was in the air. Outside. Even though I was just in a bookstore. Octavia was next to me screaming some unintelligible words. I barely had time to notice that the sky was grey, not blue, when we hit the ground. Everything hurt, but honestly, I thought we were going to hit the ground harder. I sat up, looking around me. The grass felt prickly, as if I was sitting on top of a cactus and the air was thick and smoky. I looked up and saw black-gray clouds choking the sky. We were in a field that stretched as far as I could see, which wasn’t far. But there was a forest on the right side of me and I noticed four figures running towards us. I coughed, feeling a bit light-headed from breathing in the horrible air. Octavia stood up and gave me a hand, we watched the shadows coming towards us. Octavia and I couldn’t run away from them, even if we tried.

“Hadiya, what do we do?” The girls held a piece of cloth over their nose and mouth, so I couldn’t tell who spoke.

“We’ll figure that out later. We need to get out of here before Elizaveta notices.” One of the girls placed her orange eyes and fire gaze on us.

“Follow us.”  Said a girl, I couldn’t be sure, but I swore she had white hair. The girls took off running into the forest and we had no choice but to follow.

“Hadiya, Isla. Cover our tracks.” Commanded the girl with the fire look, her red-orange hood flapping behind her, showing her same colored hair. The brown-green haired girl and the blue-haired girl turned around and ran back the way we came from. They eventually caught up and we stopped. One of the girls kneeled down and put her hands on the roots of a tree. The roots parted to reveal a huge room. I should have been surprised…but then again, I just fell out ofthe sky. The room lead into two other rooms which I thought were a kitchen and a bathroom. The room had only a couple of sofas, stools, a coffee table, and  a couple of cupboards. There were candles around the whole room that gave it a homey kind of look. We went in and after the hole in the roof/ground was covered up again, I began asking questions.

“Who are you?” The fiery girl answered,

“My name is Trinity. The girl with the blue hair and eyes is Isla. The girl with white hair and gray-ish eyes is Katia. And Hadiya is the one with green-brown eyes and hair.  Who are you?” I wasn’t sure if I should tell them but Octavia nudged me.

“I’m Reyna, that’s Octavia.” The girls suddenly seemed more interested in us.

“How old are you?” Asked Hadiya.

“18.” Answered Octavia. I didn’t think we should give up our personal information. But then again, we fell through a book…and out of the sky, the least weirdest thing we could do was give these people our names and ages. That, and Octavia is a pretty good judge of character.

“Two years early.” Muttered Katia and kicked the wall. I glanced at Octavia, and mouthed crazy.

“Supposedly, two girls named Octavia and Reyna are supposed to save our world.” Explained Isla.

“Save your world from what?” Asked Octavia, perching herself on the armrest of one of the sofas, there were three in total. The sofa did not look comfortable, considering it was made out of tree roots; but I took a seat anyways.

“Is it the thing that made the air so thick and gray?” I asked curiously. Trinity gave me a cup of what looked like watery hot chocolate and then sat down on one of the stools. Since the rest of the girls had all chosen a different sofa.

“Elizaveta is not an it.  She is one of the greatest Elementals of all time.” Said Hadyia.

“What’s an Elemental?” Asked Octavia, sipping the hot chocolate. The hot chocolate tasted like chocolate, but with a hint of peppermint. The liquid immediately calmed me and I relaxed.

“An ele-” Started Isla, but she was interrupted by the sound of hooves thundering across the ground above us. We all held our breath. I hoped the ceiling wouldn’t  cave in on us. After a few minutes, the noise was reduced to merely a soft tap tap in the distance.

“What was that?” I asked, not sure if I really wanted to know.

“Those…were the Ikari No Ikimono. They are creatures of fury that serve Elizaveta.” Answered Katia, shivering slightly, “The legend says that the last thing you see before they kill you is the future you could have had. None of us have ever seen them.”

“Wonderful.” Said Octavia sarcastically.

“Continuing what I was saying before. Elementals are a special group of people that can control an element. Water, fire, etcetera. Elizaveta was one of the very few Elementals that was able to control all of the elements. She was our friend.” Isla said and there was an awkward silence.

“But all the praise of her being the ‘Super Elemental’ got to her head. She found a book in which was written a spell on how to steal the powers of other Elementals. She planned to steal our powers. But we found out about her plan and banished her to the mountains. That was 10 years ago. 3 years ago, she took over the land with the creatures of the underworld.  She thought she was better than all of us.” Trinity’s red hair burst into flames and I shrunk back. Isla pulled water out of the air and sprayed it onto Trinity. Who did not look happy about being soping wet.

“If there are other Elementals, how come they aren’t here?” I asked. The girls looked down at the floor.

“After we banished Elizaveta to the mountains, she grew angrier. She took the power of every single Elemental we know. All the Nignen, the humans that are not Elementals, left our land through portal books.” said  Hadiya

“If others can leave, why can’t you? Why can’t Elizaveta leave?” I asked, imagining our world full of people like Isla and Trinity.

“Because we burned all 257 portal books before Elizaveta could get to them. That, and we can’t leave our home. It is beautiful and filled with so many different cute creatures and many pretty flowers.” Replied Katia, getting a faraway look in her eyes, “at least, it was. Before Elizaveta destroyed it.” I was worried Trinity’s hair would burst into flames again.

“So we are supposed to save your world?” Octavia asked, probably thinking about the time she got a D in PE in high school.

“Yes, but the prophecy says you are supposed to be 20 when you save us.” Said Katia.

“So now what?” Octavia and I asked at the same time.

“There is no other choice than to send you back.” Answered Isla solemnly. She strode over to a bejeweled box and took out two necklaces from it. They were each half a heart, one with a golden color and one with a black color. Isla handed me the golden one and Octavia the black one. The two of us looked at thenecklace in our hand and then put them on.

“On your 20th birthday, travel back here. I will not tell you why, however I trust that you will.” Said Hadiya.

“Trinity will send you back to your world. Good luck, and remember to come back through the book.” Said Isla and the nudged the red-hair. She touched both our foreheads and I passed out.

I woke up with a pounding headache, and noticed that Octavia was right next to me.

“I had the weirdest dream. The two of us fell through a book, there were also four girls.” I said. When Octavia didn’t answer, I looked over at her. She was holding a black half-heart necklace and pointing to my dresser. There stood a book with the title, The Elementals.

“Reyna…I don’t think it was a dream.”


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